Leagues Resuming 2019/20 Winter Season • Any club competing in a resuming 2019/20 winter season cannot sign players - free agent registrations included. (No Transfers are permitted within your league). • No club can sign any player for 2020/21 winter season until their respective 2019/20 winter league season has been completed. • If a league finishes before the extension deadline clubs may then complete transfers for 2020/21 winter season. Registrations for the 2020/21 winter season can then be processed on FAInet. • Any clubs competing in a 2020 summer league cannot sign a player from a 2019/20 winter league until their season is completed. • Any clubs competing in a 2020 summer league can sign players up until the 30th of September where a league has completed their league (extended leagues) and unattached players thereafter. • The registration window has now passed and will not be extended beyond the 31st of March deadline.
Current 2020 Summer Season Leagues • Current 2020 summer season leagues may sign players that are unattached and may do so up until the 30th of September. • Players may transfer from a summer season league to a summer season league during their regular transfer period. • No summer season club may sign a player from a 2019/20 winter league who have been granted an extension until the league has been completed.
At the Leinster Football Association we aim to provide support, develop and administer association league football throughout all counties in Leinster from Louth to Wexford. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about referring, football coaching or getting involved. If you would like to find out more about us see the FAQs page or get in touch. 

Peter Doyle
- Administrator / General Secretary
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